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A taxi that is not one and the most beautiful end of the world

Slowly, we really have to come up with something. But somehow we have only ourselves to blame for our misery, for one of the biggest misunderstandings between us and new guests: it's about our alpine taxi. Which is not really a taxi at all, because one would be ready and waiting to take people wherever they want to go. But the reality is different: The Almtaxi is primarily there to take you from Saltria up to us at the beginning of your holiday. And then back down again. It's not as if you don't have the opportunity to go down into the valley with us in between. But not on command. So in the coming days we will retire to the think tank and look for a new name for our alpine taxi. If you have any ideas, please let us know.


Because nothing can be taken for granted

Every litre of milk, every single tomato, in short: everything we use up here in the kitchen and housekeeping, in the SPA and at reception, goes the way of all Zallinger things: Namely, from the bottom to the top. And believe us, we have to think very carefully every day about what we offer you and what we (and you) really need. After all, it all has to be packed into our alpine taxi and carted up to the Alpe di Siusi. Our ancestors would be amazed at the variety of food and luxurious knick-knacks like fragrant soap and soft towels. Because the good people of those days only came down to the valley very rarely. And there was no car anyway. So they got by with what they had. And that was that. And even if today we sometimes get annoyed when we forget something in the valley, we like to keep to the healthy attitude of our ancestors: Man doesn't need much. Isn't that right? Fresh air, a cosy bed and a full belly are enough for happiness. 

The true value of things

In recent years, we have come to realise more and more that "too much" is actually useless. After all, how the hell are you supposed to find peace when your smartphone is constantly vibrating, the vastness of the internet with its pop-ups and memes and cat videos is screaming for attention, and the flickering TV is carrying the worries of the world into your holiday? That's why we don't have such things. And believe us, a holiday without mobile phone reception, Wi-Fi and TV is a cleansing cure for your nervous system. Of course, in the first few days the "detox" is no fun, but thank goodness there's still nature and its temptations. Let yourself be pulled uphill. Run as far as your feet will take you. Lie down in the alpine meadow grass and watch the clouds on their journey. Allow yourself the seeming extravagance of being out of reach. Because that, dear friends, is true luxury. 

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