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Regular guest Hansjörg fell in love again at the Zallinger.

He has hardly missed a year, our valued regular guest Hansjörg. Summer and winter alike, he's been coming up to the Zallinger for decades. Even though Hansjörg actually has a different name, he agreed to let us share a little interview with you. We can explain to you why the Munich-born and Hamburg resident is so shy: The Zallinger is his secret hideaway from work and he doesn't want to share his beloved holiday retreat with his acquaintances and business partners from the Hanseatic city. It's worked out well so far.

Tell me, Hansjörg, is the "you" ok at all?
Jesus, of course! If you can't be on first-name terms here in the mountains, where can you? And besides, I'm almost part of the inventory!

That's right! Can you still remember your very first holiday with us?
Of course I do! But I won't tell you the exact year, otherwise everyone will know how old I am. (Laughs). Joking aside, it must have been in the mid-seventies. I was a newly qualified architect at the time and was terribly heartbroken. My best friend at the time said that a change of scenery would do me good and by chance I ended up here with you. Lo and behold, I fell in love again: with South Tyrol, the Seiser Alm and, of course, with the Zallinger.

And with your wife today!
Not quite, I only got to know my sunshine during my second stay with you in beautiful South Tyrol. But it's true, without Zallinger I probably wouldn't have met the true love of my life. Maybe it was just fate: two people from Munich had to make their way to the Seiser Alm to meet here.

Would you like to tell us what it was like back then?
As it happens: she was a guest, I was a guest, our eyes met, we got chatting and the rest is history!

Apart from your love story, what makes the Zallinger special for you?
This little corner of the world is a little paradise for me, the world is still in order up here. The air is wonderfully clean, the water is crystal clear, the meadows are greener than anywhere else and the sky is amazing! I always make sure that I come here on shooting star nights. It's a spectacle that you have to experience once in your life! I'm not a particularly esoteric person, but I'm sure that the shooting stars here on the Seiser Alm have fulfilled many a wish.

Look at me! I have a wonderful family, my first grandchild is on the way, I'm in the best of health and I can come and visit you here every year.

You're a lucky man, Hansjörg! And we are also lucky to have such great guests like you!  Tell me, what would you change about the Zallinger if you could?
Nothing! That's the thing: from the architectural concept to the food and the leisure facilities, I'm perfectly happy. Every now and then I would like the mobile phone network to work. But then I remind myself that a holiday like this is for relaxing and not for reading emails. My daughters always say I should cut back a bit.

Your daughters practically grew up up here at the Zallinger, didn't they?
That's right! Helen learned to ski here 30 years ago on a summer holiday. And they also made their first turns in the snow here. And soon I'll be able to show my grandchild, who will be born in June this year, how to turn properly!

We're already looking forward to that! Thank you and your lovely family for staying loyal to the Zallinger for so long!

Would you like to become a regular too? Then start soon! Here you'll find great offers for your next holiday on the Seiser Alm. We are already looking forward to seeing you!

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