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The Alpe di Siusi

South Tyrol’s Garden of Eden

We’ve already told you so much about the Zallinger and nearly forgot the most important thing. Let us know if we get too carried away, won’t you? Because once we start talking about the Alpe di Siusi, it’s hard for us to stop. And no wonder. Because there’s more than enough of it up here. Small things and big things. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin!

The largest Alpine pasture in Europe

Can you imagine? Where we are sitting now was once a real primeval forest. People in the Middle Stone Age came up here to hunt. Later – probably during the Bronze Age – people started to turn the dense spruce forest into grazing land for their cattle. The history of the Alpe di Siusi is truly fascinating. Even the Romans left their stamp on it, and rumour has it that someone even found a whole sack of Roman gold coins. It wasn’t us. More’s the pity. But still, we are filthy rich. Just take a look around you! Who else has a 360-degree panoramic view of the Dolomite peaks like this? While we’re talking about numbers – at 56 square kilometres, the Alpe di Siusi is the largest Alpine pasture in Europe, and has also been a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site since 2009.


When a place is particularly beautiful, higher powers must have a hand in it. At least that’s what our ancestors thought. Their old tales, some of which we still haven’t revealed, are teeming with legendary figures and mythical creatures. You’ve probably heard of King Laurin. Or of the Saligen, the wise women. Occasionally, especially on a warm summer’s night, when the Milky Way is within touching distance and the fireflies are dancing their little ballet dance, we are almost certain that the Bregostans, the herb women, are roaming the meadows and picking medicinal plants. You don’t believe us? Then you just have to lie in wait yourself.

Enchanting in summer. Magical in winter.

Say, how did you get the idea to visit us in the first place? Let us guess. Instagram? We wouldn’t be surprised. Because the Alpe di Siusi is very photogenic. Spring, autumn or winter, there is a special light that can only be found up here. Stay a while longer and you’ll be able to witness an amazing spectacle – the sun going down. You’ve never seen such a blaze of colour before, I guarantee it. All in all, if you let it, the Alpe di Siusi will change you forever. For the better, of course.

UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site
Car-free natural paradise
Alpe di Siusi
Legendary and beautiful
Only you and nature
Colourful sunsets
365 days of holiday enjoyment
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