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You can’t argue about good taste…

Mountain pleasure for your palate

Tell me, your stomach isn’t starting to rumble? It’s a bit late for breakfast now. But you know what? The Zallinger kitchen is still humming with activity. Because at lunchtime we cook up a storm. Evenings too, by the way. Well, all the time, actually. There are so many tasty things growing and flourishing around the Zallinger and on Luisa’s farm in Laion, it would be a shame if we didn’t tickle your taste buds with them. What is there? A lot! For example, there’s sausage, bacon and cheese from the neighbouring farmers, freshly picked herbs from our garden – which has won an award, by the way. Our goulash is legendary and wait until you taste our Kaiserschmarrn. You know what? We’ll just leave you with the menu… Meanwhile, we’ll just rustle up a delicious little Zallinger Brettl snack for you. You’ll love it!

Alpine cuisine
Award-winning garden
The taste of South Tyrol
Home-made schnapps
Mountain air makes you hungry
Regional delicacies
Dinner in the mountains
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Breakfast with a view

What do you mean, you’re not much of a breakfast person? We need to change that sharpest. Our breakfast dishes are too good to pass up at the beginning of the day. Look forward to them. Freshly baked bread. Home-made jams. Honey, straight from the hives. Here’s to eggs from genuinely happy chickens and, of course, fantastic bacon and cheese from our neighbouring farmers. And let’s not forget… The unbeatable view of the Sassopiatto and Sciliar in the morning light. Priceless! Fancy another cup of coffee?

Lunchtime on the alpine pasture

Fresh air makes … exactly! And exactly why we serve you genuine alpine “power food” at lunchtime. In other words, everything that can quickly replenish your energy reserves. Because even our great-grandmothers knew that dumplings are true balls of energy. As are our other traditional South Tyrolean dishes, too. Enjoy your meal!


A tasty treat, maybe?

For those with a sweet tooth? Excellent. Then find your favourite spot on the terrace, gaze out over the South Tyrolean mountains and let our apple strudel melt in your mouth. Add a glass of good wine and your afternoon is perfect. Isn’t life beautiful?

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The peak of pleasure

What a day! You think it can’t get any better? Then just you wait! Starting at 6:30 pm sharp, we’ll treat you to exquisite menus to choose from at the Zallinger. We love to cook our way through South Tyrol, and every now and then, we take a delicious detour into Mediterranean climes. Our motto: It doesn’t get any fresher than this. And after dinner we’ll head to the bar for a nightcap together. Have you heard of Markus’ passion for refining schnapps?


Gastronomic delights at 2,054 metres above sea level

You’ve already got that the Zallinger is located at the loveliest spot at the end of the world. And that’s why we take nothing for granted up here. What do we mean? Well, anything that doesn’t grow in our own garden or comes from the neighbour’s has to be brought up from the valley to us on the Alpe di Siusi every day. So, you can see why we are very careful not to waste anything and are mindful of our precious food. You’ll help us with this, won’t you?

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