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Your path to the most beautiful end of the world

How to get to the Zallinger

Head to the Milky Way, to the middle of the Orion Arm, past the sun, down to earth and off to Europe… The Alpe di Siusi is at the very heart of Europe, about 260 kilometres south of Munich and 300 kilometres north-east of Venice… The Zallinger is not exactly around the corner. But that’ s something you’ll be very happy about. After all, you’ll soon be holidaying at the most beautiful (and car-free) end of the world. Read how to get to us here:


By train and bus

It doesn’t matter what direction you come from, South Tyrol is well connected to the international railway network. Choose either Bolzano or Bressanone as your arrival station. Local buses will take you to the Alpe di Siusi from there.


By plane

The nearest airport is in Bolzano. If you land in Innsbruck, Munich, Verona or Milan, you can travel on from there by train or hire car.


By car

A holiday for you. A holiday for your car. There is one thing you should know if you are staying at the Zallinger for your holidays: The Alpe di Siusi is closed to private traffic. At the beginning of your holiday, park your car in our free car park garage in Saltria. Pick up your permit to drive there from the office at the St. Valentin forestry station. You then head up to our place with the Zallinger’s Glücksbringer Taxi. It departs at the following times: Mornings at 08:30, 09:30, 10:30 and 11:30 am; afternoons at 2 (only in summer), 3, 4, 5 and 6 pm. If you have to wait a while, we recommend stopping off at the “Brunnele” for refreshments. If you arrive after 6 pm, please give us a call. A ride with our Glücksbringer taxi is free on the day you arrive and depart. There is a small charge if you want to take the taxi in between.

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