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Pretty moving

The Zallinger gets you going!

Sport? That used to be a foreign word on the Alpe di Siusi for ages. Sit with us in the sun and we’ll tell you why we South Tyroleans are still such a fit bunch of people. It wasn’t so very long ago – not even three generations ago – that cars, and even bicycles, were genuine luxury items. And the farmers and maids, the farmhands and stable boys couldn’t afford them anyway. So anybody who had to go anywhere either grabbed a horse or relied on the oldest means of transport in the world: their own two feet. People back then didn’t know it, of course, but walking at such an altitude is truly a fountain of youth. There are scientific studies to back this up, believe us. Want some good advice? Lace up your hiking boots and just get going. Summer or winter – it makes no difference. And if you don’t want to be out on your own, join one of our guided walks. They can even be quite educational, especially with us leading the way. Hiking is not your thing? We’ll still get you moving. Maybe you fancy trying an e-bike. What is there to do on the Alpe di Siusi in winter? Well, there’s more than just sitting in a warm room. The slopes and cross-country ski trails are simply too beautiful. But really, get your hiking boots, we’re off for a walk!

Fresh air as far as the nose can sniff
Hike straight from your room
At the heart of the natural paradise of the Alpe di Siusi
E-bike routes
Horse trekking
181 kilometres of slopes
Guided herb walks
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The Miller’s Joy

Take it from us, one holiday alone is never enough to “hike out” the Alpe di Siusi. That’s why so many guests come back again. And again. And again. There are a total of 450 kilometres of hiking trails waiting just for you. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, you practically have a cast-iron guarantee of good weather. And even though the Alpe di Siusi itself is a high plateau, which means it is flat, there’s no shortage of mountaineering challenges in the area. And if you don’t like hiking, why not join a guided tour? But we reckon we can still convert you.

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Get on your bike

The bikes are, of course, no match for our beloved Haflinger horses. But we have to admit, there’s something to be said about riding a mountain bike. Especially the choice. Overall, there are 600 kilometres of bike trails spanning the Alpe di Siusi like a spider’s web. At the centre – the Zallinger. Our sun terrace is the perfect touring destination. And the view of our bacon dumplings is great motivation. With or without an electric tailwind, it doesn’t matter.

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Winter hiking wonderland

Have you any idea what snowflakes taste like? Then just stick out your tongue! At last, you can let your inner child out again in the powdery white snow. A snowball fight? Building a snow-woman? We’re on it! And if you fancy some peace and quiet and inner reflection, don your warmest clothes and trudge off into the snow. A winter hike on the Alpe di Siusi is magical!

181 km of fun on the slopes

Weave until your calves start to burn. Carve so that the powder turns to dust. Thoroughly give it your all on the pistes of the Alpe di Siusi. If you include the slopes in Val Gardena, a whole 181 kilometres of slopes await. South Tyrol’s largest and multi-award-winning ski area, the Alpe di Siusi is a paradise for skiers, snowboarders, freestylers and cross-country skiers in winter.

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