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3 things you can do besides skiing on the Seiser Alm

Either you're the kind of person who rushes into the cellar at the sight of the first snowflake of the year to get your skis out and have them serviced or ... you're not. Are you a fan of well-groomed carving turns? Then you need to be strong now. Because this text is for the other category of people, for those who simply don't give a damn about skiing and are less interested than the famous bean. But not so fast! Stay a little longer. Because we're sure that even if you're a hardcore carver, you might want to know what you can experience off-piste on the Seiser Alm. So here it is, our holy trinity of ideas, our ice-cold recommendation for winter activities on a day's holiday at the Zallinger.

#1: Please just go!

The first way to enjoy winter in the Dolomites without skis is so simple that you'll probably think we're stupid. But it's just that simple: go! You know: put one foot in front of the other. Again and again. Always following your nose. And then a crystal-clear, cold wind blows around it. Accompanied by a bright winter sun (don't forget to apply sun cream, at least SPF 30!) and the beauty of the Seiser Alm, you can enjoy the happiness of the moment. Yes, we know. That sounds pretty cheesy. But let's keep talking when you've done a winter hike like this across the Seiser Alm yourself, shall we? For contemporaries with little sense of shame, we have another variant of winter hiking up our sleeve: snowshoeing! It looks bizarre, but it really gets the pulse racing and is therefore pretty healthy!

#2: Go crazy!

Come on, let your inner child out into the fresh air again! All you have to do is grab one of our „Rodeln" (South Tyrolean for sledge), sit on it and have fun. And yes, it's true: there's even a toboggan run named after the Zallinger! The "Zallinger toboggan run" is the most beautiful, the longest and the most exciting toboggan run on the entire Seiser Alm. It starts directly at the Zallinger and from there it's all downhill. Quite winding, in fact. Your own legs will bring you back to us or you can take the Florianbahn cable car. Insider tip for hopeless romantics: tobogganing under a full moon. Fabulously beautiful!

#3: Nothing. Niente. Nada.

Admit it, now you've speculated on something really spectacular. And now we'll tell you that doing nothing is a great alternative to skiing on the Seiser Alm. Exactly. Doing nothing. Quite difficult if you're not used to it. That's why up here at the Zallinger, we also offer plenty of options for beginners. Here is a list, which makes no claim to be complete and is not in alphabetical order: sit on the terrace and look at the mountains. Reading a book in a sun lounger. Sweating in the sauna. Practising a few sun salutations in the snow. Lie in bed and stare at the beautiful wooden ceiling. Take a nap. Breathe in and out deeply. And again. And again ... Hey, you know what? Why don't you come up to us and try out which kind of alpine "dolce far niente" you like best? You can find our current offers here.

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